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Small Changes, Big Results!

Small steps equal big gains to your overall health and well-being!

This is the time of year when so many of us make our New Year’s resolutions to exercise more, eat healthy, lose weight, and so on. While these goals are all good ones to make, sometimes they can seem overwhelming and intimidating, which makes it really challenging to just get started! That is why I really believe that if you take a few small simple steps and have success with those, which then makes you feel good about yourself and what you have achieved, it is a lot easier to tackle the bigger stuff because you have set the stage for your success!

It is the small decisions and choices we make every day that can add up to a huge difference in our overall health. Some ideas for easy changes that can be make include the following:

  • Taking the stairs when possible, it’s such a great way to strengthen our muscles and get cardio in also!
  • Instead of driving around to find the closest parking spot (unless you need to for mobility reasons), get some extra cardio in by doing some walking from your parking spot to wherever you are going.
  • Even if you do not leave your house for the day, there is a lot that you can do inside your home to get some exercise including chair exercises, and you can use your own body weight and do wall push-ups, wall planks and balancing exercises.
  • Balance is another of those things you should work on every day, especially as you get older. When you are brushing your teeth and getting ready in front of a mirror, this is a great time to practice some balance work. Just make sure you have a sturdy surface to hold on to if needed.
  • As far as making healthier eating choices start with something small. If you have a soda pop every day, start by eliminating that – which will make such a huge difference!
  • After you workout, when we are all hungry, make sure that you eat something healthy to replenish your energy and satisfy your hunger such as nuts, yogurt or a smoothie that not only makes you feel full but is healthy too.

If we start with something small, those small steps will easily add up to big ones. It is a lot less intimidating and daunting to start small. When you have a setback, like we all do, it is easy to start again and get back up by doing something small.

The key is to start by doing just one thing; you will feel good about yourself and be motivated to try something else to improve your health. It then becomes a wonderful stepping stone path to a healthier you!


About the Author

Laurie is a Fitness Instructor and Trainer with her Alberta Fitness Leadership Certification (AFLCA) in Older Adult (65+) Fitness, as well as a prior graduate of SAIT. She is the founder and owner of Staying Active Health & Wellness Ltd. She created this blog to further her mission of bringing fitness awareness to older adults, and also when she realized that there are not many older adult fitness blogs out there! Laurie lives in Calgary, Canada with her husband Chris and their four children -- as well as Bella, their golden doodle (golden retriever / poodle cross).

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