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Healthy Blood Pressure – From ANY Exercise

Maintaining a safe blood pressure is an issue that many older adults have to deal with.   However, as shown in this article from The New York Times, exercise – any type of light exercise or activity, really – is one of the best and safest ways to lower blood pressure for older adults:

“Take your pick, as the best exercise to control high blood pressure seems to be virtually any exercise, like walking or cycling or light weight training, especially if your workouts are spread throughout the day. “Even standing might work,” said Glenn Gaesser, the director of the Healthy Lifestyles Research Center at Arizona State University and an expert on exercise and hypertension.”

What is really great to know is that by just getting up and moving around for about 10 minutes every hour, you can significantly improve your blood pressure readings.

Research has shown that if you go for three 10 minute walks during the day, this is even better for your blood pressure than one 30 minute walk.

If that still sounds daunting, start by just getting up every hour and doing something that requires you to move and stand for 10 minutes – maybe even take your dog for a walk?  This one simple act will help to significantly improve your blood pressure readings.

Movement is what matters, just get stand up and get moving!

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Laurie is a Fitness Instructor and Trainer with her Alberta Fitness Leadership Certification (AFLCA) in Older Adult (65+) Fitness, as well as a prior graduate of SAIT. She is the founder and owner of Staying Active Health & Wellness Ltd. She created this blog to further her mission of bringing fitness awareness to older adults, and also when she realized that there are not many older adult fitness blogs out there! Laurie lives in Calgary, Canada with her husband Chris and their four children -- as well as Bella, their golden doodle (golden retriever / poodle cross).

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