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Tips for Good Posture for Seniors

Good posture is so important to overall fitness and wellness for seniors – not only while doing exercise, but also in daily living. Poor posture contributes to chronic neck and back pain, and can ultimately result in an increased risk of falling (notably for older adults) because it throws the body’s balance off. Another result of poor posture can be that persons may be unable to breathe deeply, resulting in shallow breathing. Continued shallow breathing can cause general fatigue, dizziness, and becoming winded easily (e.g. such as after climbing a flight of stairs).
Some very important and easy exercises and tips that we can all do on a daily basis that can help to keep our posture at its very best are:

1. Always sit and stand tall – imagine there is a sting pulling your head up!
2. Keep your shoulders pulled back and down – kind of like a superhero.
3. Hold your chin above your chest.
4. When walking make sure that the one foot with the heel strikes the floor as the ball of the other foot pushes off.
5. Lastly, make sure that you incorporate some postural stretches and strengthening exercises. Hold each stretch posture for 30 seconds and remember to breathe deeply as you hold the pose.

Remember, good posture for seniors is a critical issue, and worth spending some time on.

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Laurie is a Fitness Instructor and Trainer with her Alberta Fitness Leadership Certification (AFLCA) in Older Adult (65+) Fitness, as well as a prior graduate of SAIT. She is the founder and owner of Staying Active Health & Wellness Ltd. She created this blog to further her mission of bringing fitness awareness to older adults, and also when she realized that there are not many older adult fitness blogs out there! Laurie lives in Calgary, Canada with her husband Chris and their four children -- as well as Bella, their golden doodle (golden retriever / poodle cross).

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