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How To Have an Active Sexual Appetite in The Golden Years

In our golden years, having a good quality of life means being independent and active – but now, more than ever, it also means having a great sex life!

In Acciaroli, Italy, as referenced in this New York Times article, men and women are living past 90; about one in 60 people there is 90 or older. This rivals the other so called “blue zones”, like Sardinia, Italy and Okinawa, Japan. The quality of life for people in Acciaroli is very high, as there is virtually no cataracts, few bone fractures, excellent heart health and a much lower incidence of Alzheimer’s disease. So, how is this?

Experts attribute this to several factors. First of all, there is abundant sunshine and clean air in Acciaroli, which keeps people outdoors, being active. They are swimming at beaches, climbing steep hills, and walking or biking everywhere. Plenty of physical activity to keep seniors active and in good cardiovascular health.

However, diet also plays a pivotal role. Residents of Acciaroli follow the Mediterranean diet of fresh local vegetables, fruits, grilled fish and meats, and plenty of olive oil, which has consistently been shown to be overall the healthiest diet to live by. Another ingredient that is used pretty much on a daily basis, on everything that they cook, is rosemary. Some studies have shown that rosemary can aid in brain function, especially the variety that is grown here.

This might also contribute to the robust sexual appetite that many of the older adults have in this area. At 95, many of them have brains more like someone who is 50. Most 50 year old brains – especially males – are still thinking about sex a lot! The sexual activity of the older adults in Acciaroli is huge. There is a gentleman in Acciaroli that at 94 says he has had multiple sexual relationships at the age of 86, in an effort to overcome his depression after his wife’s death.  These randy oldsters have exceptionally good microcirculation, which involves the small capillaries that go right into tissues to deliver nutrients and remove waste. The genetic makeup of the people in this area is a big factor also, which experts are continuing to study.

So, does this mean that we have found the Fountain of Youth? No, there is still many factors that we need to further investigate and research. We are asking the right questions though. We know now that diet, exercise and social connections are key to aging well in every way, including having a healthy and active sex life!

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Laurie is a Fitness Instructor and Trainer with her Alberta Fitness Leadership Certification (AFLCA) in Older Adult (65+) Fitness, as well as a prior graduate of SAIT. She is the founder and owner of Staying Active Health & Wellness Ltd. She created this blog to further her mission of bringing fitness awareness to older adults, and also when she realized that there are not many older adult fitness blogs out there! Laurie lives in Calgary, Canada with her husband Chris and their four children -- as well as Bella, their golden doodle (golden retriever / poodle cross).

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